Why must your olives be eaten within 2-3 days of opening, we know they last longer?

At unearthed®, we want you to experience our products at their optimal quality, which is why we provide directions as to how many days after opening they should be eaten.

Our olives are packed in a low oxygen environment. While the pack is being sealed, oxygen is removed and this is replaced with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This maintains the freshness of the product throughout its shelf life. Once the pack has been opened, this leads to the ingress of oxygen and over time, the product will start to spoil.

Following organoleptic testing we currently recommend that the products are eaten within 2 days of opening. These are the same instructions as those found on Waitrose own-label chilled olive products. Due to the nature of these products, we know that, particularly in the summer, customers take products from the fridge to consume during a ‘grazing’ occasion, sometimes for long periods at a time, then return the part-empty pot to the fridge. We know that this accelerates product spoilage so we have historically tried to account for worst case scenarios.

In an effort to help customers reduce food waste, we are actually commencing some work to review whether it will be possible to increase the number of days of open life on any of our products. If the work demonstrates that it is possible then packaging will gradually be amended over the next 12 months.

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