Why do you not use separators in some of your cured meat lines?

We want to keep packaging to a minimum and the separators will obviously increase this. Some people also find it an irritation as it’s another thing to throw away. In addition customers would have to pay more for the product as there is a cost implication with including sheets. So we’ve taken a decision not to include them, but we are aware it’s a bit of a divisive issue.

However we have switched to ridged-bottom packaging, to enable customers to take the slices out more easily.

Sept 2016 – we have now introduced separators into our Serrano packs

If you take your Prosciutto or Serrano out of the fridge 15 minutes before you plan to serve it you’ll find it much easier to remove the slices from the pack and this will also allow the flavour of the meat to develop.

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