Why do some of your products contain additives?

Food additives are only added to our unearthed® products if there is a technical requirement. Otherwise we remove them to make the declaration as clean as possible.

These stop food becoming rancid or changing colour by reducing the chance of fats combining with oxygen, so food remains edible over a longer period.  Rosemary, used in a number of our charcuterie products, is a natural antioxidant and has been used for many years to both enhance the flavour and improve keeping quality.

Stabilisers are used to preserve the structure of the food by improving the stability and thickness of the food.

Preservatives are used to keep food safer for longer. Preservatives such as sodium nitrite or potassium nitrite are added to meat products to act as either antimicrobials or antioxidants – or both. This means they inhibit the activity of bacteria (such as clostridium botulinum), moulds and other microorganisms, which would cause food spoilage or illness.

Acidity Regulator
Acidity regulators such as Citric Acid are added to change or maintain pH. Controlling the pH of the product helps prevent growth of undesirable bacteria within the food, which could cause illness.

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