Olive are quite high in salt. Why is that?

Olives are inherently salty due to the processes used to produce them. The raw olive once picked from the tree is inedible, so olives are ‘fermented’(a form of pickling) to break down these bitter compounds and preserve the olives to produce the end product we know and love.

Our olives are typically between 3-5% salt. As well as the technical functionality that the salt provides, it is also gives the characteristic taste and texture of the final. We’re always looking at ways to keep salt to a minimum and have done a lot of work on it, but if we reduce the salt much below this it makes the olive taste bitter and the quality isn’t nearly as good.

Olives are part of the Mediterranean diet, which has been associated with good health, based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, cereal grains, olive oil and fish. Just remember to stick to a specified portion of olives to make sure you don’t exceed the daily recommended amount of salt.

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