Melba Toast with Pâté

Melba toast is so simple to make and the perfect accompaniment to a French pâté or rillettes.

  • Serves

  • Prep

    5 mins
  • Cook

    5 mins



  1. Lightly grill your bread on one side
  2. Cut off the crusts
  3. Lay the toast down flat and using a serrated knife, cut through the bread horizontally so it’s about 5mm thick
  4. This produces two thinner pieces the same size
  5. Cut the slices into a triangle
  6. Now toast the untoasted side under the grill until golden and the side will curl up (keep your eye on them because this will happen quickly)
  7. Arrange on a plate with a ramekin of pâté or rillettes
  8. Add gherkins or cornichons, if desired

Tom's top tip: Cut the bread whilst it's still warm otherwise the bread will crumble or break